• Information to residents, organizations, developers and consultants for those considering using a planning service, responding to both telephone and counter inquiries;
  • Maintains a current comprehensive zoning by-law and current Official Plan;
  • Processes applications to approve zoning by-law amendments, Official Plan amendments, subdivisions, condominiums, site plan and various agreements;
  • Provides compliance reports and lawyers letters;
  • Provides comments to the Committee of Adjustment;
  • Provides zoning comments for Building Permits;
  • Processes Committee of Adjustment applications; and,
  • Provides planning reports to council.

    Committee of Adjustment Minutes
    Committee of Adjustment Agendas

Current Statutory Public Meeting Documents

SD03-2023 HWY 130

SD02-2023 Whitewater

SD01-2022 Cooper Road

Agency Comments

SD02-2022 Vibert Road

Agency Comments

Manager of Planning

Kerri Reid

T: (807) 935-2613
F: (807) 935-3309



Planning Resources

More Useful Resources

Building FAQ

Building FAQ

Are planning on building a new structure or simply plan on renovating an existing one. This section covers the most frequently asked questions people like you have asked. Make sure you know everything you need to know about the building, permit and inspection process before you get started.

Planning FAQ

The old adage of measure twice and cut once is as true today as it ever was. The secret to success for any project is planning. To help get you started, we've compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding project planning, zoning and by-laws.

Packages & Forms

Packages & Forms

To make your planning & building project as easy as possible, we've created a package & document library to house all the files you might need.

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