Each council in Ontario is required by law to appoint a treasurer. The treasurer is responsible for handling all of the financial affairs of the municipality on behalf of and in the manner directed by the council of the municipality, including:

  • collecting money payable to the municipality and issuing receipts for those payments;
  • depositing all money received on behalf of the municipality in a financial institution designated by the municipality;
  • paying all debts of the municipality and other expenditures authorized by the municipality;
  • maintaining accurate records and accounts of the financial affairs of the municipality;
  • providing the council with such information with respect to the financial affairs of the municipality as it requires or requests;
  • ensuring investments of the municipality are made in compliance with the regulations made under section 418 of the Act.

The Municipality is not responsible for determining a property's assessed value. For detailed assessment information please contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

How Your Property Tax is Calculated

Myths Between Property Assessment and Property Taxes


John MacGillivray

Treasurer/Deputy CAO
T: (807) 935-2613
F: (807) 935-2161

Tax Rates

Click the link below to view the Municipality's Tax Rates listed by Class and dating back to 2017.

Tax Rates by Class



Financial Information Returns (FIRs)


Financial Statements


Asset Managment Plan

The purpose of an asset management plan is to set out how the municipality's infrastructure will be managed to ensure that it is capable of providing the levels of service needed to support the municipality's goals. An asset management plan is a business strategy to effectively and efficiently allocate available funds amongst valid and competing asset needs.  It links expectations for asset conditions, performance and availability with management and investment strategies. Click the following links to view the current Asset Management Plan.

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