Explore Oliver Paipoonge

The Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge is a dynamic and diverse community. It has a catchment area of 350 square kilometres and is now the second largest municipality in Northwestern Ontario.

One of the most distinct features of the Municipality is its geography and location; it borders the City of Thunder Bay to the west and the outlying communities of Neebing, O’Connor, Conmee and Kaministiquia to the East. Oliver Paipoonge equally encompasses an area of well planned residential, agricultural, industrial and Crown lands.

Its terrain includes mountainous areas, lakes, rivers, forests and fields, all within 30 minutes’ drive of the region’s largest city – Thunder Bay. Most notable is Kakabeka Falls, the regions Niagara of the North. Kakabeka Falls plunges 40 metres over sheer cliffs and some of the oldest fossils in the world. It’s no wonder why this rare and natural beauty bolsters over 300,000 visitors per year.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that on average, the Thunder Bay District, which includes Oliver Paipoonge, is recognized as the sunniest location in Ontario with over 2200 hours of sunshine per year and as many as 16:00 daylight hours during the summer months! (www.weatheroffice.gc.ca)

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