Dog Licences

Residents are reminded that dogs are not to run at large and must be licenced in the Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge. Dog owners are required to register their dogs by February 1st each year pursuant to By-Law 513-2008. All dogs must be registered when they reach 6 months of age. The penalty for not registering your dog may result in a $75.00 fine.

Residents can purchase dog tags for $15.00/year at the following location:

  • Oliver Paipoonge Municipal Office, 3250 Hwy 130, Rosslyn ON P7K 0B1

Click and print the form below.  Fill out the form and mail it with payment by cheque; or bring it in person if paying by cash or debit to any of the above location.

Dog Tag Registration Form
If you find a dog running at large with a dog tag, and it is safe to do so, approach the dog and record the license number. Then call the Municipal Office at (807) 935-2613 during regular business hours to report the dog and leave a detailed message. Further instructions will be given to you then.
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