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Are planning on building a new structure or simply plan on renovating an existing one. This section covers the most frequently asked questions people like you have asked. Make sure you know everything you need to know about the building, permit and inspection process before you get started.

A building permit is your formal permission to begin construction or demolition. It means that the Municipality of OliverPaipoonge has approved plans for any new structure, addition or renovation. Approved plans must comply with the Ontario Building Code, local zoning by-laws, and other applicable laws and regulations. It is unlawful to start construction or demolition of a building, as defined in the building code, before you get a permit. 

Building permits regulate types of construction allowed in the community and ensure that building standards are met. The building permit process protects each homeowner’s interests, as well as those of the community at large, and provides for the erection of safe structures. Permits help ensure that any structural change is safe, legal and sound. 

In many cases, your contractor will get permits on your behalf. But remember, it is the building owner who is ultimately responsible for complying with all building requirements. 

You need a building permit in the following situations.

  1. Construct a new building 
  2. Renovate, repair or add to a building 
  3. Demolish or remove all or a portion of a building 
  4. Change a building’s use 
  5. Install, change or remove partitions and load-bearing walls 
  6. Make new openings for, or increase the size of, doors and windows 
  7. Build a garage, balcony or deck   
  8. Excavate a basement or construct a foundation
  9. Install or modify heating, plumbing, air conditioning systems or fireplaces 

You do not need a permit in the following situations.

  1. Replace existing, same-size doors and windows, subject to distance from property lines 
  2. Install siding on small residential buildings, subject to distance from property lines 
  3. Build a roofless deck not higher than 0.6 meters (24 inches) above adjacent grade and the walking surface of the deck, and that is not attached to a building 
  4. Build a utility shed or structure without plumbing under 15 square metres (160 sq. ft.) 
  5. Re-shingle a roof, provided there is no structural work 
  6. Install eavestroughs, provided that drainage is contained on your property 
  7. Replace or increase insulation, dry-wall or plaster 
  8. Paint or decorate 
  9. Install kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing 
  10. Erect a fence (except for swimming pools, outside pools require permits) 

For any electrical work contact the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) at 1-877-372-7233

If you start construction but do not have the necessary permits, you may be ordered to stop work, prosecuted, and even ordered to remove work already done. Contact the municipal office if you are not sure whether you need a permit for your project.

Yes, all required forms can be viewed electronically and printed by clicking on the link below.

View Electronic Forms

The time required for the processing of a building permit application varies in accordance with the type and size of the project, quality and completeness of submitted plans, the degree of compliance of the plans with applicable regulations, and the current workload of staff. However, a building permit for a residential project can typically be issued within 5 to 10 business days after receipt of a completed application.

Inspectors review projects during key stages of construction to ensure work complies with the Building Code and the approved plans. Inspectors may visit several times, depending on the project; they must be able to see the part of the work under construction. Inspections are performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 4:30pm, please book your inspection with Paul Manzon well in advance.

Permit plans must contain sufficient information to determine whether the proposed work conforms to all applicable regulations. Site plans should be referenced to a current plan of survey certified by a registered Ontario Land Surveyor. A copy of the survey plan, if available, should be submitted with the building permit application for any major project. For minor additions and alterations, site plan sketches showing outlines and dimensions of the property, driveways, existing and proposed buildings are usually acceptable. Where required by the Ontario Building Code, plans must be prepared by a qualified designer holding a valid building code Identification number (BCIN), or sealed and signed by an Architect, Professional Engineer, or both. Permit applications will not be accepted when the submitted plans are inadequate or incomplete. Plans may be submitted in either imperial or metric measurements.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure required approvals from other agencies (where applicable), prior to the issuance of a building permit. Building services staff will advise the applicant of any required approvals from other government agencies upon review of the permit application. (Eg. Health Unit Approval for septic systems.)

You can make an application for any type of permit during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30pm at the municipal office 3250 Hwy 130, Rosslyn.

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