Proposed Oliver Paipoonge, Conmee Merger REPORTS

Merger Exploration Project Reports

Below are links to the Merger Analyses Report by the Restructuring Committee and Stakeholder Feedback Summary Report by Grant Thornton.

Hard copies will be available at both municipal offices on Wednesday, Sept 30th. Reference materials used in the Merger Analyses Report will be available shortly.


MOP 2014 Assest Management Plan (Part 1)

MOP 2014 Asset Management Plan (Part 2)

MOP 2014 Asset Management Plan (Part 3)

MOP 2019 Final Financial Statement

2019 Financial Information Returns

MOP 2020 Approved Budget

Conmee Road Study 2020

MOP Asset Management Roads Report

2020 Conmee Final Budget

2019 Conmee Final Financial Statement

Executive Summary - Restructuring Committee Report

Report of the Restructuring Committee September 28, 2020

Grant Thornton Final Stakeholder Feedback Summary

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