Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation Capital Grant Awards

The Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge is pleased to announce that we were successful in two capital grant applications to the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC).  The Municipality is being awarded $486,132 for projects involving our community halls and outdoor recreation facilities and $355,991 for projects involving the Nor West Recreation Centre. The total cost of all of the projects is $1,122,830, which means the Municipality will be contributing $280,707.

            Projects for our community halls and outdoor recreation areas total $648,175 for which NOHFC is providing $486,132.  The table below shows details on the projects for the Rosslyn and Murillo Community Halls, the Murillo and Kakabeka sports/recreation areas, as well as four (4) outdoor skating rinks located in Rosslyn, Murillo, Intola, and Kakabeka:



Approximate Project Cost


Rosslyn Community Center


Windows, Doors, Paving, Electrical/Security Upgrades

Murillo Community Center


Doors, Roof, HVAC, Electrical, Foundation Repairs

Kakabeka Outdoor Recreation Area


Repairs to fencing, bleachers, building, dugouts, etc.

Murillo Outdoor Recreation Area


Fencing repairs

Outdoor Skating Rinks


New LED Lighting, Board/Fencing Repairs


            Projects for the Nor West Recreation Centre total $474,655 for which NOHFC is providing $355,991.  The main project is new controls and power systems as well as rebuilt compressor heads for the facility’s ice plant to achieve better and more efficient operation estimated to cost approx. $280,000.  Another item is replacement of the facility’s aging ice resurfacer with a better and more efficient unit estimated to cost approx. $171,000.  The remaining two projects, repairs to the spectator safety railing and a kitchen fryer upgrade, are estimated to cost approx. $23,000.

            The Municipality is very grateful for the generous funding being awarded by the NOHFC to improve sports and recreation facilities in the Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge.  We thank the NOHFC for helping us to ensure the many users of these community facilities will be able to continue to enjoy their sports and recreational activities at these locations.

            At this time the Municipality is also saying thanks to the many dedicated and hard-working volunteers who contribute to the successful operation of our sports and recreational facilities and activities.  Without your efforts we would not the position we are in today to take advantage of this large infusion of funds from the NOHFC to improve our sports and recreational facilities.

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