55 Plus Group Chat Line

What is it?

A call in telephone-based older adult service to join in on fun activities, educational and health and wellness program information.

A calendar will be provided to you with the dates and times of scheduled activities.

You can participate if you:

-Live in the township of Conmee, Murillo, Oliver Paipoonge, Neebing, Shuniah, O’Connor, Gilles or Fort William First Nation.

-Are 55 and older and find it difficult to leave hone, access community centres and services or experience loneliness.

What Are The Benefits?

Create friendships and a community from the comfort of your home. Scheduled time so you know when you can chat. There will be a variety of weekly activities to participate in all or choose those that interest you.

Join Now!

No fees or charges to join.

You just need a telephone! No computer required

For more information or to register contact Twyla or Suzanne at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre.

Email: tbiluk@thunderbay.ca                Phone: 684-3471

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