Special Events By-law Consultation - March 2, 2023

The Municipality is considering establishing a special events by-law.  Under such a by-law parties who want to hold community events in the Municipality that draw large numbers of persons would need to apply to the Municipality for a special events permit. Many municipalities have special events by-laws to permit, regulate and govern community events to help ensure they are conducted in an manner that protects public safety. As well, property zoning in many instances prohibits events.  Permitting can allow special events to be held on private and public property regardless of zoning.

Below are links to the Draft Special Events By-Law #12-2013 and the Special Events Application form.  It says community events expected to draw more than 300 persons at any one time would need a special events permit or an event involving use of municipal roads (highways).  The Municipality is inviting you to review them and provide feedback.

The following changes are contemplated for the application of the By-Law:

·         Private property is exempt from the By-Law unless the property’s zoning does not allow special events

·         If private property is zoned for some use at which outdoor functions are part of the use the property is exempt from the by-law, e.g. outdoor party at golf course that is part of golfing event, agribusiness outdoor activities at agricultural properties

·         The by-law always applies if it involves use of municipal property where more than 300 persons are expected at any one time, e.g., baseball tournament at municipal ballfields

Please provide your comments by March 31, 2023.


Special Events Application

Special Events By-law

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