Restricted Fire Zone

A Restricted Fire Zone is in place effective 12:01 a.m. May 23, 2020 due to current fire hazards and recent human caused fires.  

Below is a summary of the restrictions that are in place during an RFZ.

  • No open fires are allowed unless the fire is for cooking or warmth and is in a stove or installation prescribed in the Outdoor Fires Regulation (O.Reg.207/96) 

  • Campfires are not allowed

  • Portable stoves must use liquid or gas fuel and have a shutoff valve.

  • A charcoal barbeque can be used if they are permanent structures or portable and within 100 metres of a dwelling you occupy.

  • Outdoor wood burning stoves or furnaces must be completely enclosed with solid material and be within 100 metres of a dwelling you occupy.

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