Living with Wildlife


Being a rural municipality with plenty of forested lands there is a multitude of wildlife living in our midst. Residents of the Municipality, particularly newcomers who are unfamiliar with country living, need to be aware that wildlife like coyotes, bears, wolves, bobcats, lynxes, and others are opportunistic hunters and/or scavengers. To these wild animals your garbage or pet are a food source, and if given the chance they will take advantage of it. Some of these animals like coyotes have adapted very well to living with us and not afraid of hunting or scavenging in our backyards in broad daylight.

You need to understand we coexist with this wildlife and must take measures to prevent ourselves from unwanted and potentially harmful interactions with wildlife. Do not leave your garbage unsecured outside. Do not leave your pets unattended outdoors. Do not leave ripened fruit on the ground on your property. Do not feed wildlife. Preventive measures such as these can help you and your domestic pets and animals avoid serious encounters with dangerous wildlife.

On its website the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry offers a lot of useful information on wildlife including information on how to prevent and manage conflicts with wildlife. If you are wanting this information please visit MNRF’s website . Several other organizations also provide information on the subject online.

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