High Speed Funding Application Successful!

High Speed Funding Application Successful! Project to Start in 2021


On January 20th, the Provincial Government announced funding awards for several broadband projects in Northwestern Ontario.  An application submitted by the Municipality for a broadband project was included.

The initial application was submitted by the Municipality in August 2019. Once the initial application was approved, the Municipality submitted the final application in November 2019.  After a reorganization of broadband funding programs and a significant increase in the funding envelope by the Provincial Government, a review of our application by the Ministry of Infrastructure resulted in the funding award.

The application was prepared with the assistance of Tbaytel.  The Ministry of Infrastructure will contribute $2,337,250 to the project and Tbaytel will match the Ministry’s contribution.  There is no cost to the Municipality.

The project entails Tbaytel bringing fibre-to-the-home high speed internet to nearly 1800 homes and businesses in the Municipality.  The project is scheduled to take three years to complete with construction commencing in 2021.

Tbaytel will be handling the public communications for the project.  Tbaytel has established a project information website to provide information to the public, which includes a coverage map and frequently asked questions (FAQs).  The website address is www.tbaytel.net/fibreexpansion.  More information will be posted in the future.

Unfortunately, not every area of the Municipality is included in the project.  Less densely settled parts of the Municipality are not in the coverage area because cost was the overriding factor in determining the coverage area.  It is more costly to deploy fibre in areas where there are too few addresses to connect.

The Municipality continues to work on broadband initiatives. In conjunction with neighboring rural municipalities and the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre we have been working with Tbaytel to improve and expand broadband services further.  An application was submitted last year for a project that would improve and expand broadband in areas of our Municipality that are not included in the project announced on January 20th.  We are hoping that application will also be successful.


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