Designated Truck Route

Oliver Paipoonge Letter to City Council on Designated Truck Route By-Law:

On June 13th the Mayor sent a letter to City Council asking the Council Members to reconsider the Designated Truck Route (DTR) By-Law at their meeting on June 17th.  Attached is the letter that provides information outlining the risks to highway safety if the DTR By-Law is implemented.  Included are two traffic counts conducted by engineering consultants specifying the truck traffic volumes currently using Hwy 102 and Hwy 11/17.  The Municipality contends that putting all of the truck traffic on Hwy 11/17, the intention of the City’s DTR By-Law, will have serious negative consequences for Hwy 11/17, particularly in the village of Kakabeka Falls, and the Thunder Bay Expressway between Harbour Expressway and Dawson Road.

Letter to City Council Traffic Count 1 Traffic Count 2

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